As a wholesaler, we have certain terms and conditions, that we either require ourselves, or are part of the conditionsаof our suppliers, which need to be met and maintained by our retailers.

  1. Opening Order Value - we operate with an initial delivery requirement consisting of 30 x half bolts, which has an invoice value of 1,200 approx. Future ranges and out of stock items are not included.
  2. Your business must be conducted from a shop (bricks and mortar) and/or trading as an online business trading from a website with its own domain name owned by or on behalf of the business.
  3. If trading online, either from a shop or home, the business website address must be provided with the application in addition to the real address.
  4. Selling directly from Facebook, Instagram or any other social media website or via auction type sites is forbidden. Accounts will be closed if you are found doing so.
  5. Moda product (meterage or pre-cuts) must not be sold at markets and stalls.

We look for an annual turnover figure of 2,500 minimum.

Should your business comply with the above and you wish to open an account with us, please contact us.

Thank you